Friday, August 1, 2008

Yearly Horoscope

As I've mentioned in the previous post, I've been trying to figure out how to get back to what I was feeling like a decade ago. On a whim while I was reading the Province online today I hopped over to their horoscopes for a giggle. I clicked on 'Yearly Overview' and this is what I read:

This year, idealistic Aquarius shines brightly. You truly are a visionary with a high sense of purpose and an advanced way of thinking. It will be very easy for you to express your individuality and altruistic ideals. New opportunities will arise to express your true feelings and perceptions in ways that increase your confidence. You enjoy having a large audience to express your passion for the arts and philanthropic activities and taking your visionary attitudes to the world to support your personal integrity. You feel very blessed by the wonderful connections you are making to express your concepts. You will find you can relate well to others and enjoy spreading your wings more to be with others in the community. Your attitude of enjoying life to its fullest carries over and makes you popular in your professional life. The kindness you have been able to give to others will come back to you tenfold. People will appreciate your consideration and friendliness. With your need to concentrate and be independent, you prefer working in your own business and behind the scenes rather than with other people (I've been working on opening an accessories shop online - You thrive on wanting to be different, and you will have lots of new resources to help you for achieve a greater good in life. You'll have lots of energy and won't overlook all the details you seem to need to take care of. You will definitely be working hard to manifest your greater visions in life (What have I been talking about?). You have such an amazing flair for an unusual and unique sense of design (You should see the jewelry I'm going to be selling!). Expressing your individual creative inspiration will be a strong motivation to you to make changes in your physical environment this year (New York, anyone?). You may even want to redecorate your house or start over from scratch. Mysticism and the arts are very attractive and you benefit from paying attention to your inner voice, and learning to follow its guidance, rather than depending on the changing reflections of those around you (I have a post coming up about this). You are fascinated by the unknowable mysteries of your own inner world and might want to express the inspiration you are tuning into through music and writing (Hmm... I've been thinking of taking music lessons...).

I have to remind myself of this and my plans for the future when I get down or impatient.

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