Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Back To The Grind Stone

In the spirit of Autumn throwing itself at us, I've changed my Blogger profile picture. Whee...

So, I'm back at school (second day down) only a couple more 'firsts' to go. Yesterday, the first day of classes, I went to the first of my two waitlisted classes - Criminology 103, which is an introduction to the criminology field. I was accepted into the class without any problems - YaY. Today, however was a different story. The gent that's heading this class was only allowing a certain amount of people into the class and I was the first person who didn't make it in. Damnit. Now I have to wait for someone to drop out or search for another Criminology 100 class that has room for one more person. Arg... so frustrating.

Now that I'm a full time student I'm going to be keeping up with my ebay auctions more. That should make me a few extra bucks each month so I can take myself out for a capuccino or some other tasty treat. YUM!

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