Saturday, August 28, 2004


Well damn. I was headachey all day. +o( I had a good day, even though! My parents and I are becoming quite addicted to visiting the US every Friday afternoon. We cross the boarder, pick up any mail in our po box and then head out to the shops to paw around before having dinner and going home. It's so nice to look forward to each week. This time 'round I picked up a pair of Guess jeans for $4us. They're a 29" waist so I'm going to sell them on ebay. What do you think I should charge?

I'm addicted to Celestial Seasonings' chamomile green tea. Mmmm... I can drink cups and cups of it! That's all I seem to be drinking these days.

Another of my addictions, and this one's been around for as long as I can remember, is school supplies and other stationary. Earlier in the month I stocked up on what I'll be needing for school in September - God I loved that! I picked up some new binders; paper; a wire-bound notebook; and a pack of plastic, snap-front folders to keep all my old class notes and new assignments in. Tonight I bought myself a new desk - only $99! I've been using Al's old desk since he moved to the East, but I can't fit my school books on it the way it's configured. I was happy to get this new one because it'll fit my books, plus it has a metal 4 shelf unit attached to it. No more filing case on the opposite side of the room! YaY!

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