Saturday, August 7, 2004

Pull Eyeballs Out Here

Starting an ebay store is great, sure. The only real problem is that it takes so damned much time to get it set up! I'm still listing things for store inventory. I think I've listed 60+ listings so far, and I've still got a wack of stuff left to list! I'd like to list some auctions (rather than inventory which don't come up when someone searches) Saturday at about 5:30pm. I hear that's a great time to list because when it comes down to the last few minutes, people just getting home from work are far more likely to jump and buy stuff. Whee!

Speaking of ebay... I saw a Bunnykins book shaped piggy bank today at an antique shop - $39. I was so tempted to buy it just so I could re-sell it on ebay. Thank God I didn't buy it - I searched for the bank on ebay when I got home and found 3 listings, 2 of which were $9.99. Maybe I should buy it off ebay and sell it to the antique shop? ,o)

So I've decided on a second tattoo. I'm going to be working on my lower back this time. I've been wanting to find something that's as "me" as I can get. While pondering this a week or so ago I thought, "MONSTERS!" Perfect. I love monsters. Monsters and ghouls and horrory-things, oh my! I fell in love with something I came across by the artist Shag and I think I can swirl it into tattooy goodness.

I'm going to have him standing in the middle of a ghouls martini party! Someone on SG mentioned I should have a big, drunk-looking ghoul with a lampshade on his head. Of course I thought this was the best idea ever! I'm so excited now! All I have to do is figure either how to draw the big, drunk ghoul or search more of Shag's images and see if there's something I could use. Double wheee!

I bought a new hair dye the other day - Dark Chocolate Brown. Should be what I'm looking for. I've enjoyed the black and the difference between the color and the paleness of my skin, I'm just looking to try something new for a change. As always. I just don't know if I should let the black grow out as I dye it with the dark brown, or if I should have a hair salon lift the black first? Hmmm...

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