Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Pissy Piercing

Well, I really am terrible. I was going to start sea salt soaking my lip piercing 3 times a day, and I didn't. Standing over the sink with my lip in a glass of salty water isn't exciting enough to make me want to get up off my ass. I'm really frustrated with myself. I can never seem to live up to my own word. I have to find a way to kick start myself into new habits. How do you do it, though? Put post-it notes everywhere? Make a check list for the day? I'm clueless.

I saw a medical show this evening that featured a couple who both had gastric bypass surgery. I always wondered why the part of the stomach that is connected to the intestine is so small? The doctor was saying it's the size of a hard boiled egg. I know people want to lose weight, but wouldn't it still be alright if the stomach was larger and they only lost 1/2 lbs per day rather than the usual 1 lbs per day? In all the documentaries I've seen on the subject, I've never heard a reason why the modification is so drastic.

That rant about not knowing what to do with my hair helped quite a bit. I've had great hair days ever since. I'm actually very happy with my hair right now. *shrug* Who knew?!

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