Wednesday, June 9, 2004

From Sweating to a Sweater

What a day it's been! I swear it climbed up to 30C today. I was was wilting in the heat. I opened up every window in the house to air it all out. By midnight it was like ice in the bedrooms. I'm wearing my hoodie right now, it's that cold in here.

Dad gave both mom and I a fabulous surprise today - movies in the mail! Dad knew I wanted Bruce Almighty, and mom and I both wanted the third and final Lord of the Rings. What a guy, eh? We watched LotR while we had dinner. Wow - what a movie! I cried at the end. So did mom, for that matter. We all adored it, but were a little sad there would be no more in the series.

Lately I've been having such a hard time getting to sleep. And with such late nights, I tend to sleep late the next morning. Well, afternoon. It's utterly frustrating. Especially when you set plans and aren't able to meet them. I'm thinking of getting some sleepy-time tablets. Since work is not in, I'm able to take the time (8-10 hours, as they recommend) to get my sleep schedule back in order.

I've started using Microsoft Outlook's calendar and task features, and what wonderful features they are! Normally I jot notes in my little paper notebook, but those notes get overlooked most of the time. Since I'm almost always at the computer, Outlook pops me a message and reminds me of certain things. I actually get those things done! Ahhh the feel of productivity. +o)

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