Sunday, June 13, 2004

100th Post

Yes, another reason to celebrate has come to pass -'s 100th post!

::insert wild applause here::

My Grandmother's up for the weekend. We all had dinner and then headed to Walmart for a paw around the store. I saw a gorgeous Grandfather-type clock there. Absolutely gorgeous. It's something I can see in my future home. I also found a mug set that I've seen pictured in coffee calendars. Quite cool. Very posh.

I found a Chinese saying that I absolutely adore and want tattooed on my ankle. It says, "A genius always presents himself as a fool". I figure I'm a pretty big silly, fool to begin with. Maybe this'll infuse some bit of genius in me?! If all goes well, I'll have that done by next weekend. How exciting!

I'm really enjoying Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out". I'm going to download some other tunes to see if they're purchase-worthy.

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