Sunday, June 6, 2004

It's Like I'm on Speeeed!

Had to take a migraine tablet at 8 this evening. In as much as I like how they get rid of massive headaches, I hate how 'buzzy' I feel when I've taken them. I'd take the type that doesn't have caffeine in them, but for some strange reason they don't work for me. Crazy, innit? So now I'm zipping around like I'm on crack, trying to get things done, but not having the level of concentration to finish anything. Oy...

While out at the stores yesterday, my parents and I met a little 2 year old girl named Emma and her mom. Emma has to be the sweetest little thing ever. Such an adorable personality, and always smiling and giggling. She learned what a boot was while we were chatting. I wanted to sweep her up under my arm and steal her. I've come to the conclusion that I actually do like children, just the well-behaved, happy kind. If I had a big bunch of money and could afford to do so, I'd adopt a whole wack of kids and play the rest of my life.

Since Grokster comes with a bunch of crap like Gator and the like, I've unionization it and replaced it with LimeWire (which doesn't come with annoying extra software). Now I'm scanning my computer with spywear detectors, trojan detectors, etc... Hopefully I'll be popup free soon. Cross your fingers!

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