Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Make-over Funness

Last time I was at Sears I signed up for Clique's "Make Up Shake Up" which is basically a free make over. I had my appointment today. I only wish I could have my make up done every day by the guy who made me over! He was so much fun, and pin pointed what would be my favorite things in an instant. We went with a pink theme which turned out fantastic. I was so gorgeous after he was finished with me that I had to buy both the eye shadow, and eye liner he used! Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

You know how the tip of a liner starts off nice and thin, and then after they've been worn down they draw a thicker line? I never knew a regular liner could be anything different until today. The make-over cosmetition used Clinique's "Superfine Liner" on me and I fell in love. He showed me the difference between a regular sized liner and Clinique's superfine - there really is a size difference. I'm so excited about that! The only reason I had switched to using a liquid liner was that regular liners tend to end up too thick.

After getting home, Mom saw my make-over and loved it. I mentioned that she should have one, too. She agreed, so I set her up for a 2:30 appointment tomorrow. YaY make-over funness!

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