Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Plans, Plans and more Plans

My first plan is to, while I've got all this time off, keep popping things I don't need in the ebay box. Yes, I'm going to be ebaying again. And how! More things have been dumped into the 'I don't want it' box and will go up for auction. Soon I'll have the bedroom I've always wanted - spacious. ,o)

Second plan is to figure out my finances. I don't want debt anymore. Well, it's not like anyone really does want debt, I just want to start making paycheques where some of it actually goes towards something like a downpayment on a house, or a Paris vacation. Something of substance. Something of importance. I'm thinking of taking all the money I earn from my auctions and putting it into my 3% savings account. It won't be much at the start, but over the course of time, and with all the stuff I have here to sell it might grow to a nice little pile.

Third, I'm going to take all my Mary Kay samples, put my name and number on them, put them in little baggies and tape them to the mailboxes. Free samples. If I get orders from that, I'll pop that into the 3% account as well. Maybe I can get Hanne to leave a book in the staff room at Superstore? Must ask her about that.

I'll be putting more resumes out soon. Honestly though, I have no idea where to put them. It really seems like no one's hiring at the moment. At least here. *shrug* We'll see what unfolds.

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