Thursday, June 3, 2004

Movie Watching

In the past two days I've watched 3 films. I decided to treat myself to cheap Tuesday at the movies yesterday. I saw Van Helsing. I've heard mixed reviews about it, but I enjoyed it. It was a Hugh Jackman film - what wouldn't I like about it?! Honestly though, I enjoy vampire movies to begin with, couple that with my loving the Translvanian townscape, and adoring the grave-digger and you've got a very enjoyable film in my book.

The second film I saw was Saving Grace. British. Funny as hell. After burying her husband, the main character finds out that she's been left with 300,000 pounds worth of debt. What does she do? Through her gardener, she begins to grow a large enough amount of pot to pay off her debt and house. Hilarity ensues. Lots of hearty laughs here. I'd consider buying it to watch on a rainy day in my favorite chair.

Just after I finished watching Saving Grace I checked out the guide and found that Dumb and Dumberer had just started not more than 5 minutes previous. I'd wanted to see that since it came to theatres so I flipped it on. Best decision of my life. I busted a gut from laughing so much during this movie. The actors were dead on, the script was true to the original story - it was fantastic! I will own this movie, fo sho.

Now I'm getting ready to hit the sheets. Although, being that Dumb and Dumberer has just ended and I'm still all giggly from it, it may take me a while to actually go to bed.


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