Friday, May 28, 2004

Sad News

I received a call from Rona today. I didn't get the job. It worries me that I can never seem to get a job. Over the years I've posted untold amounts of resumes everywhere I can think of, and yet... no job other than in the family business. I'd love to take a class on how to interview. I'm thinking maybe that's it? Maybe not, though. Not many places call me back. Hell, Costco was interviewing when I handed in a resume, and I didn't hear a peep out of them. Maybe I don't have the experience they're looking for? I know that's a big issue. A lot of the jobs I see on the job boards (monster, etc...) require 2-3 years experience. Even though I've been a part of every aspect of my family's business since 1996, both manufacturing and office duties, something always seems to be missing. Mind you, there's not many jobs available here in Abbotsford. That, above all else, might be the case.

I was reading The South Beach Diet this evening. Enjoyable read. I love learning new things. The book tells you how certain foods effect your body through digestion. I also learned that you don't gain more fat cells. We have the same number of them (give or take) from childhood, the fat cells just get bigger when we gain weight. I never knew that. The only problem with reading such a book is that, since it talks about food, I'm always thinking up great snack ideas and getting hungry. Drats!

I have to dye my roots and mail a couple of ebay packages tomorrow. I've been super lazy lately and haven't been putting those things off since the beginning of the week. Remind me to go downstairs and finish packaging the ebay stuffs - I'll never remember on my own.

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