Sunday, May 30, 2004

And I Think to Myself...

...What a wonderful world. +o)

Life is wonderful at the moment. Sure, I don't have all my bills paid off or a summer home in some tropical place, but I couldn't be happier. There's something about spending a Saturday on my own, getting odd jobs done that puts me in the best of spirits.

I watched Village of the Damned this afternoon. I was all cuddled up in my favorite Ikea chair, had my favorite cookies, and a blanket Mom crocheted for me. Purrfect. It was a great afternoon for it, too - grey and rainy.

The folks and I went to the farmer after they came home from playing in Langley. Perfect timing, too - right after my movie had ended. We picked up a bunch of veggies and a yummy looking banana smoothy mix. Can't wait to try that out. Speaking of smoothies, I visited my smoothy maker at Walmart yesterday. Damn, how I want that. Imagine all the fruit smoothies and mocha Bellinis I could make! Yum.

My poor lip piercing isn't doing too well lately. There's this white, puffy ring around the outside. I did a sea salt soak this evening which ended with good results. That's the only problem with piercings, at least for me - I don't soak them enough when they're new to heal properly. I'm going to try to soak it at least 3 times tomorrow. Cross your fingers. If that doesn't work, remind me.

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