Thursday, May 27, 2004

New Listings and Exchanges

Every so often I do a cliques and rings check. I like to make sure they're all still active, make sure my info's correct, etc... I was busy doing that this evening. NC17 is gone. I'm really sad to see that one go. As sad as I was to see F.I.N.E having left the building. They held a lot of really fun sites to peruse. I clicked through braaains' list of rings while I was there, and found a few I wanted to join. There's some really great directories out there. I'm quite pleased. While I was playing with these new listings and exchanges I had a great idea. I have to find a script that displays six or so buttons here, on my index, and has a link to the entire list. Wouldn't that be fun? I'll have to search around tomorrow while I switch 'piercings' from a popup to a full page.

This bloody eczema spot is making the skin on the side of my knuckle crack. Big unhappy smilie. I can't seem to find anything that takes the 'ouch' away. At least I have glysomed to keep it moist.

EDITED TO ADD: Bugger. Something keeps screwing up when I upload the code for my exchanges. I've had to make listings and exchanges seperate. I hope that doesn't screw up my acceptance. Grr...

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