Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Challenge Update

Well, I haven't done the exercises in a few days. I should, really. I have, however, walked 30-60 minutes a day, most days. Today I walked half an hour from school to 'Five Corners' - almost half way home. I pawed around the used mac store and found a beauty for a little under $900. It would equal what I have on this computer in RAM, and hard drive size, plus it's super fast and comes with a 17" monitor. Whee... dreams are fun +o) After that I walked past an antique shop and had to go in. They had a vintage vanity that was in really good condition. When I asked the price I was a little disappointed at it's $230 price tag. Oh well.

I've been salt soaking my lip piercing a bunch lately, hopefully it'll heal up soon. I'm getting a bit tired of the ring, I want to change it to a fishtail labret stud. I have to get prices on that sometime soon, then I can save my pennies.

I've been getting painters fever. I want to paint my small walls black and my large walls bright pink - incorporate the [heart & crossbones] motif into the mix. Nothing's in stone, though. I haven't really mapped it out yet, but it's a damn good idea.

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