Thursday, March 25, 2004


I had a real good surprise today. So good, in fact, that I'm still wired from it. I had English today and we were doing some writing for our research essay. The teacher had two books out for our reference of grammar, punctuation, etc... I was looking at it while she was speaking to Nathan, the guy who sits beside me, and I said, "Wow! This is a really great book!" She smiled and asked what I liked about it. I said that it was so full of great reference material, that it was packed with great information. She said, "Tell you what, you can have it." *GASP* I was so excited! The teacher said that she had received it for free and that she has a previous edition. It's called, 'The Little, Brown Book' and it's amazing! After class I had to pick some stuff up at the Uni book store and found that the previous edition sells for over $50 +o)

I had a great idea today while at the bus stop. I noticed a couple of girls that had been shopping. Their bags, transparent with the store's logo, held polar fleece track suits. I thought to myself that I should make 'alterna-girl' activewear. Track suits in black with red and pink accents. I'd make a skull and crossbones logo with a little sweat band around the skull's forehead. hehe...

My Grandmother's friend, Gwen Southen, is a mystery/suspense writer. I'm reading her newest novel, 'In the Shadow of Danger'. Really great read; she's an amazing writer. Unfortunately, I can't find her via

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