Monday, January 19, 2004

Hour-long Wait

Well, I'm at school. First class down, one more to go. Good ol' Criminology.

The new design is coming along, although, I've been lazy and haven't done anything with it in a few days. I just have one more page to rekanoodle and then I'll be able to upload and let you all at it. I'm quite excited about it. It's purdy +o) Hopefully it'll stick around for a while.

Speaking of web stuffs, I've been thinking of moving servers. I want to play with php again, more specifically, I'd like to have 2 blogger codes on the same page. I tried to get what I wanted through frames, but ran into problems. Hrm... I see Haloscan offers we hosting for $3/month. That's cool. Anyone on it? Anyone know of other cool, inexpensive hosts?

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