Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Settling In

With the exception of English tomorrow, I've been to all my classes. I have some really great teachers, really inviting and easy to speak with. I think this semester will go swimingly +o)

Little bit of a predicament: For this 3 or 4 month semester I'll have $1200 over what I need.

Do I:
A) Put it into my RSP that I haven't contributed to this year and then have no income tax to pay?

B) Pay the $200 in tax and use some of the money to buy the loft bed that I desperately need to make my room a more organized place?

C) Pay the tax, buy the bed and pay down my debt with the rest?

I got my Secret Santa prezie today! The lovely Hilary bought me "Kiss My Tiara: How To Rule The World As A Smartmouth Goddess", one of the books I've been dying to read. YaY!

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