Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Memories... Misty, Water-colored Memories...

When I was a little tike in the early 80s I had a tiny plastic rabbit, about an inch long. I was at my parent's office one Saturday, and while playing with my wee bunny, it accidentally fell in the heaters. I didn't know what to do, the heater coils were red. I didn't want to put my hand in to get my bunny out in fear of burning myself. I started crying. I got my mother's jacket and asked her if it was water-proof. When she replied that it was, I went out into the front where my little plastic rabbit was melting and cried. Mom and Dad came out a minute later and upon finding me sobbing, asked why. Once I told them what had happened Dad shut off the heater and fished out my plastic rabbit. I felt so guilty that I had let my bunny burn. Mind you, I was extremely happy to have my rabbit back.

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