Monday, October 20, 2003

Getting There

I'm finally feeling a bit better. I thought I was going to die last night. I got all mucussy and it caked onto my throat. Ick. 5 minutes after settling in bed either on my side or what have you, the mucus would settle too and I'd start hacking again.

I squeak, though. Heh...

In other news, tomorrow I will actually have a shower and get dressed before nightfall! It's my goal.

I can't wait to get my stuff. I have to return one of the shipments because I had forgotten something. Now I have two identical shipments coming, although one has a third book and the other doesn't. Once I get that back and credited, I'm going to splurge on these. Only problem is they don't ship to Canada, so now I have to find a jewelry pimp who I can send the money to and have them order them and ship them to me. Any takers? The end vision is to have flesh tunnels with matching hoops in them. YaY +o)

Dad bought the second season of the Osbournes. I snuggled up and watched it tonight. I love that family. Robert's cute. I have to get rich one day.

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