Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Pasted from SG

Weird: Had a dream the other night about trying to save the 1" tall giraffes from being sat on. Odd, but then again, did you expect more from me? I want those giraffes, though.

My mind is full of excitement and ideas. Through a group I'm in I found some great tshirt companies and now I want to buzz some shirts off. I also (believe it or not) want to get back into selling Mary Kay. They always have cute gifty things in the winter book. Last year I picked up a cute little pink and white gem stone, heart shaped photo frame. Sa-weet! So, yeah, when the fall books come in I'll be putting them in my neighbor's mailboxes. I don't care how much I make, I'll sell for 20-25% off, I just wanna. Ya know?

I'm just about finished reading my vampire novel. *squeal* What to read next?!?

Decisions, decisions...

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