Monday, November 8, 2010

New Meds = New Me?

Since I began those employment workshops in the summer I've realized just how much my mental health plays a role in my life. I decided to see if I could get disability and was given the 25-page application. I also received the name of a local advocate who would help me fill my portion of the application out. The advocate brought many things to light that I hadn't considered 'problems' or symptoms, but since that meeting I've been more mindful of my moods and have had a feeling that I'm more than just depressed. With a little research I matched my symptoms to bipolar disorder.

On Wednesday (Nov.3) I was able to see my doctor and mentioned this to him. He gave me a multi-page questionnaire to fill out. I went back on Friday (Nov.5) with the questionnaire filled out and the doctor looked it over, agreed that I am bipolar and prescribed me Co-Quetiapine to take along with the medications I'm already taking (Wellbutrin and Cipralex). I've been taking it since then and I'm wondering if what I'm feeling is due to the new medication. I found it easier to wake up this morning and I'm not so easily distracted - enough that I'm actually getting things done around here. I like this. I hope this is only the beginning. =)

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  1. All the best to you in your search... I can't believe that DI application was so long. It sounds incredibly daunting and would surely turn off everyone but the determined.