Sunday, August 22, 2010


After finishing my course and practicum I passed out tonnes of resumes, had a good amount of interviews, but nothing came of any of it. I decided I needed government assistance while I continue the process.

I was approved for Income Assistance in June. Such a sigh of relief. Thankfully, my bills are paid every month now. I've also been able to get 8 fillings which helped eliminate the sensitivity all over my mouth. Now I'm eating things I haven't eaten in a year or more! I've also been able to get a $354 IUD for free being that birth control pills give me debilitating migraines. I hate to say it, but not being able to get a job has been the best thing I could ever (not) do!

I'm feeling like a million bucks since having my health concerns dealt with. So much, in fact, that I've decided to start my own crafty business. Right now I'm cleaning out everything that's hanging around. Some of it's going to be donated, but other things are being photographed and listed on Craigslist and cheapcycle, etc. I'm going to use whatever money I make from the sale of those items to buy a decent camera so I can take and sell photos on Etsy. From there I wouldn't mind rolling it into a photography services business taking pictures for local companys' advertisements and so on.

I'm also considering becoming a piercing apprentice. I've always loved piercings, I used to pierce myself when I was 12ish, and for a long time I've wanted to have a career where I can show my piercings while I'm working. It makes a lot of sense. I'm looking into taking an emergency first aid course at the local rec center because I know that's a pre-requisite. Thankfully, the rec center has a program for individuals with low-income where they pay 50% (up to $25) of whatever course you want to take there. The EFA course is $100, but I'm hoping I can get Income Assistance to pay for whatever the rec center won't.

Speaking of the rec center, I've decided to swim laps in their pool Monday through Thursday. I stopped eating meat on July 5th and am eating more and more vegetables. I'd like to couple this with some exercise and see what happens.

Le sigh. Life is good.

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