Sunday, December 27, 2009

Whoohoo, Merry Christmas to me!

What a wonderful Christmas it's been! I've been working so hard on the course I'm taking that this break has been a Godsend.

Just before Christmas break I was given a vintage 1950's bedroom set (head & foot-board, high-boy dresser, and a vanity table with a huge mirror) so most of my time off has been spent ogling them. I want to move my old dresser beside this desk to store office as well as coffee/tea-making supplies.

The vanity is so beautiful. I've wanted one for years, too, so you can imagine my joy when it was offered! I'm going to be transferring all of my beauty items into its 5 big drawers, which will give my bathroom cupboards space for cleaning and toiletry supplies.

I'm so excited about transforming my bedroom now that I have the vanity and dresser in there. I've decided to give it a 1950s farm feel. I bought this gorgeous quilting book and am going to make the "English Country Garden" pillow cases, as well as a matching quilt, for the bed. I'm also going to pick one of the base fabrics and make some cute little curtains, although I haven't yet decided what style they'll be.

I have to say, I'm really enjoying domestic life. So much, in fact, that I'm considering starting up an eBay business and being done with outside employment. I know I would enjoy it much more, that's for sure.

Until next time, happy holidays! =D

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