Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Turning My World Around

Today was a good day. I love puttering around the house! I cleaned out one of my little Ikea dressers and dragged it to my living room where my desk is, as I mentioned in a previous entry, for storage of office supplies and my coffee pot, etc. I transported my printer to the top of the dresser, too. So, now I have a lot more space on my desk.

Unfortunately, what it leaves me with in the bedroom is a side table to hold my clock radio and reading lamp. Not terribly stylish, and definitely not turning my crank. Thankfully, I saw a small 4 tier shelving unit that would fit really well with my new vintage bedroom set, hold all my little do-dads, and also work as a night stand to hold my clock radio. They're pretty cheap, too, so I might pick those up in the morning.

At the same time I'm thinking of picking up a cheap closet organizer kit I also saw at Walmart. It has a shelving unit in the middle, which would be great for all the cardigans I own. I've been trying to figure out what to do with them for a while now, but hadn't seen anything that would work as well until now.

Looks like I might be turning a screwdriver when the new year begins!

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