Friday, August 15, 2008

I Need a Rock to Hide Under

I had such a shitty day. It started out at quarter to eight in the morning with me getting told by my father that I'm too independent, too fat & pale, and too lame to make a good impression on people. I don't know about my parents these days, though. I've been kitty-sitting at a friend's house this week and the day I was to head over to begin kitty-sitting my mother blurts out that I should be in a dress and fancied up as if I were going to an Eastern Star meeting because I was going out.

I'm glad I've 'seen the light' so to speak in regards to becoming my true self. If I hadn't I'd be in tears wondering why I'm always so wrong and how can I please them and get back into their good books. Don't get me wrong, it still bothers me that they aren't accepting of me as is, but I'd rather be 30 and make my own decisions (whether the outcome is good or bad) than 30 and doing everything my parents tell me like a robot.

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