Saturday, October 1, 2005

A Damp Cold Gets Right In Your Bones

The west coast has taken a wintery turn. All this rain is making the moderate temp seem colder. I might even turn my electric blanket on tonight.

I've just recently re-activated my SG account. My last journal before re-activating was written on the first of January - I can't believe I've been away so long! Tonight I was perusing the groups there that I'm a member of and I've got to say the Rigor Mortis group is the best! Not to mention the grossest. I saw piles of gory photos. There's a member in there that's in medical school right now and she has great posts about all the weird things she sees and learns about. Whee! Gory is GOOD!

I've bumped myself up from 40mg to 60mg of Paxil and I'm feeling more like myself. I actually have concentration enough to do some more cleaning out. I've already got a box piled with things to donate. More will be happening later on in the day. Earlier this evening I was out with my parents and bought a new pair of jeans (super dark blue) and a pair of dress pants (black with grey and blue pin stripes). I'm hoping Mom can do me a big favor and hem them and the arms of the jacket Dad bought me in August. It's getting cold enough that I'm going to need that jacket next time I hit the coffee shop. It's super warm and faux-fur lined. I'm tempted to wear it to bed tonight. ,o)

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