Saturday, October 1, 2005

The Begining

The weightloss group at SG has got me thinking of better health. And what better excuse to start than the start of a new month? My favorite month, too. I haven't been watching what I eat for a few months now and have been munching a lot of comfort and junky foods to help me deal with certain stresses. Starting today I'm going to try my best to make better food choices and get more cardio - even if it means walking around the block a few times or doing jumping jacks when it's raining. I have a set of hand weights which I'll be making use of as well. Each week I'd like to post my measurements and any weightloss I see.

October 1:
weight: 156 lbs
weight loss: 0 lbs

neck: 13.5"
arms: 12.5"
chest: 40"
waist: 35.5"
just under navel: 38"
hips/crotch: 44.5"
thigh/hip: 43.5"
thigh: 28"
calf: 15"

YaY to new beginings!

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