Saturday, August 6, 2005

Pierce the Pierce-a-Holic Bear

Another Girl's Bear
Another Girl's Bear,
originally uploaded by hellkitty.
From the moment I saw this picture I knew that bear and I would be great friends if we had ever met. I've enjoyed piercing for many, many years now. In elementary school I would pierce my own ears. Sans ice, mind you, because really, once the endorphines start to kick in you really don't need any freezing. One time, when I was 8 or 10 I thought it would look great if I coupled the stud in my earlobe (where everyone else gets theirs pierced) with a stud right below it. I didn't work out that well, but I've got the war wound to remember it by. I've had all kinds of piercings since then. At 17 I enjoyed my new found 'ballsiness' by having my nipple pierced. In an S&M shop of all things. There I was, out in the world. I felt so free. Of course I became too paranoid of my parents finding out or noticing that I took it out about a year later. The one thing I find when I get pierced is that it's a great way to enter a new phase of your life. Sometimes it even helps you shove yourself accross that precipice.

- top of right ear
- left tragus
- both lobes (once in each side, the rest have healed over)
- nose (right side)
- monroe (left side)
- labret (centered)

- inner helix (left)
- ear lobes up to middle
- eye brow (left)
- nose (left side)
- lip (centered)
- tongue
- nipple (left)
- navel

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