Saturday, August 6, 2005

The Paroxetine Princess

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A psychologist once told me that I have a depressive personality, meaning that I have a tendency to become depressed more easily than others. About 4 years ago my anxieties were getting the better of me (again) and for longer and longer periods of time. I decided maybe it wasn't just the effects of being a dramatic early twentysomething - maybe it was chemical? Maybe I need something to continually keep my 'happy' levels up? Since then I've learned more and more about seratonin (sp?) and natural ways to keep the ol' bod 'up to snuff' as they say. These ways don't always work; for example,they say getting regular sleep and maintaining a regular sleep pattern can have a positive effect but I've always been a night owl and insomnia is one of the few ways my body handles stress. I can be happy as a lark, but up 2 days in a row. It all works out in the wash though and I'm glad to have the medication as a well needed helping hand.

I'd also like to say, Tom Cruise can scew himself, thankyouverymuch. ,o)

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