Friday, July 8, 2005

Worse Than I Thought

I'm learning more and more about the situation next door. It seems the mother has been gone for a couple weeks, but hadn't told anyone she'd be gone such a long period of time. The father hasn't been able to reach her on her cell phone but she called at 10:30pm this past Sunday as if nothing was wrong. The father was super pissed. They had an argument and then he hung up on her. The kids are worried. All I keep hearing is, "Did they find the car?" "Is my Mom alright?" What do you say in a situation like that? The father went to the police today with a large-size picture of her. He doesn't care if she's run off with someone else, he just wants to know she's alive and okay. What happens if she has run off with someone else and abadoned her husband and 8 kids? He can't afford to put them all in day care, the oldest kid is suffering autism bad enough that they can't leave him in charge, and the next oldest is not mature enough to take care of them. Plus, the second oldest will be in school by September, so she can't take care of the kids that aren't in school during the day. If it didn't run my mother so far down that she becomes another person I wouldn't mind so much her taking the kids every day. Although she does it, even she knows that's too big of a job for her to do every day indefinitely. Would the dad have to put some into foster care? Get on 'the dole' and sit home with them? I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens with the mother.

UPDATE: The dad heard back from the police. They called her cell (I suppose she wasn't answering when it showed her house number) and spoke to her. She didn't want to say where she was/is, but said she'd be home in a couple of days. I have no idea if she will, though. Get this... the father talks to his mother-in-law who says the mother's done this before and has been found prostituting herself. We also found out that the classes she's supposedly been taking ended back in November. As well, one of her former co-workers has said she told them that she works for a different company than she does (which she doesn't), and that half her kids are really her sisters (which they aren't). I'm begining to think this woman needs serious medication and mental help.


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