Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This n' That

My Mom got home from her Alaskan cruise on Saturday and we haven't stopped since. Errand running can make a gal pretty tuckered out! Whew... Sunday was Walmart day. Mom was developing some film and I picked up a 256MB memory card for my camera. Unfortunately, my camera has become seriously lethargic since installing the card, so I'm going to exchange it for a 128MB card. Monday was Value Village's 50% off day, so we all headed over to see what kind of treasures we could find. I picked up 2 bags full for $40. I bought some pants, skirts, shirts and an adorable collectible bear named Mrs. Mertz. Tomorrow I have to head to the bank and pin my new debit card, and read for class on Wednesday. I'm also going to pick up a Frost and Glow kit and bleach my hair out. Whee...

Okay, I'm too tired. More later...


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