Monday, May 9, 2005


I love going down south to Lynden, WA. It's not that far from my home, maybe 15 minutes? I would love to live on Front Street under all those gorgeous trees! A minute or two down Front St. you come to the town's main area. There are tons of shops there; Bakeries, antique vintage/used shops, and cafe's line the street. Last time I was down there I noticed a new cafe had opened up - it's a used book store and a cafe in one. I've always wanted to open a shop like that. In Langley, about a half hour west of here, there's a placce called the Monster Cafe. I keep forgetting to pop in there and see if it's anything like I'm thinking.

I wonder what it would cost to open up a coffee shop? That's one of my biggest goals in life. Sure I love criminology, but whenever I think of opening my own cafe my heart skips a beat and I become giddy with excitement. Ahh... can't wait to see what the future holds!


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