Saturday, March 26, 2005

Guess What?!

It's almost end of semester! 2 weeks to go and I'm all hyped up about it. In some ways it went too quickly, in others it went too slow. I'm definitely excited to have some time off. Since Mom's going to be getting my computer this week I'll be able to put up some shelving above my desk. This is a very good thing since I keep accidentally pushing my speakers down the back of my desk. I'll also be putting my desk lamp on there as well, so I'll have lots of room. Whee.... Mom wants the tredmill downstairs so that'll free up some space for a cute little wicker (wicked, more like it!) hope chest that I'm going to throw all my extra pillows and blankies into. Ahh... life is good.

I tried to call everyone back today since I've been missing calls. Unfortunately, everyone seems to be away. I guess since it's the Easter weekend everyone's busy with family. I would be, too, but I'm home working on my Crim 104 paper. Well, I'm taking a break at the moment.

I signed up for membership at doubleday book club a little while ago and my books came in on Thursday. I'm excited to get into Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code!

Happy Easter weekend, everyone!


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