Friday, June 18, 2004

Bra-tops Own In Heat Like This

It was toasty warm today. I actually felt like I was in AZ - hot heat, hot breezes, humidity. It was so beautifully cool in the basement, though. I spent most of my night down there stretched out on the couch. Now I'm up in the heat getting ready to hit the sheets.

I saw Tales from the Crypt tonight! I haven't seen that tv series in such a long time. God love Space Channel for running it. It's one of those shows I would love to have on dvd so I can watch all the episodes again and again. +o)

I started drinking water as my main beverage again today. It's not thrilling, but it keeps me hydrated. At the grocery store I picked up some tri-flavored sorbet. I wish I could get the pineapple flavored sorbet in a gynormous vat - that stuff's deeeeelicious!

Speaking of food... I tried Lipton Side Kick's Greek Pasta Salad - to die for! Picked up some more today. Go get some for yourselves - it's a great summery dish. Just don't forget the olives and feta cheese. Lip-smacking, I tell you!

Okay, I'll stop yammering on so you can go out and pick yourselves up some Lipton's.

Go on now, run along.

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