Wednesday, February 4, 2004


I took my folks out for dinner and a movie last night. Ahhh... Cheap Tuesday. We all were interested in seeing Monster, since we've all watched the many documentaries on Aileen Wuornos, the first woman serial killer. Opposite to what the documentaries showed, the film was based more emotionally charged. I was really affected by the film. I felt badly for the way her life had been and what had occurred to push her to kill. She was abused from the age of 8, began hooking at the age of 13, and when she was 16 her father killed himself. That, along with being the odd girl out all the time, made for bad decisions later on in life. I never knew that the day she met Tyria (whos character in the film is named Selby) she was about to commit suicide. I was amazed at how well Theron played Wuornos. She had her mannerisms down really well. I'd definitely recommend this +o)

Speaking of serial killers, I'm writing my paper on the Hillside Strangler, Ken Bianchi. I have to take either the defense or prosecutions side and argue if he was really a multiple personality or not. I say he wasn't, mainly because he would get himself mixed up while supposedly being "Steve", his women-hating, murderous personality. At one point in an interview, while supposedly being under hypnosis and speaking as "Steve", he says, "Ken hates women, er - I hate women". Getting a little mixed up in the lies there, Ken?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I'm wondering what to do. I try to do something special for myself on VDay since I don't have anyone and would rather remember the occation in a happy light. This year I've got my eyes set on a [ring] I found at Ben Moss. It has 3 pink stones and down the sides are 3 diamonds each. It's way prettier than the link. Super gorgeous. $179 though. I'm just trying to figure out how much I'm going to need in the next little while compared with what I'm going to be getting in (I'm going to be selling a bunch of things on ebay. Yes, I've got another box of stuff I don't want anymore). What's your Valentine's Day going to be like?

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