Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Holiday Hooray!

Whew! So much has happened since I last updated. So, in chronological order....

The SG Christmas party was a smash! I headed into town early enough to play with B for a while before hitting DV8 to meet all the kids. What a kick ass place that girl has! I have to say, I'm green with envy! It was so good to see her, too. It's been ages upon ages, and I've decided to try my best to get out there more often. We spent some time listening to C's music - absolutely fabulous in my humble opinion. Chatted the rest of the time, catching up with all the goings on. Time flew and soon I had to head off to meet the SG crew. One of the best times I've had. Met so many people I'd love to hang with on a daily basis. Brought the camera and ended up chin-wagging so much I forgot to take any pictures at all. I have, however, stolen some from the others and will post them very soon. We had appy's and drinks, I had a sip of a new buddy's melon martini and was instantly hooked. I'm going to be digging out my parent's old shaker to make my own. Would it be a little obsessive if I thought of throwing my bed out to make space for a little martini bar in my room? ,o) Lots of laughs were had and by the end of the night we all loved each other so much it was hugs 'n smooches all around.

When everyone separated (some to the Brickyard, others to dance the night away) I headed back to the hotel to catch some rest before the Santa breakfast in Richmond the next morning. I got in just as SNL was coming on. I stayed up to watch it, some really good skits on that night. I accidentally slept in late Sunday morning. Ran around and was ready so quickly that I was in the lobby and checked out 20 minutes before my parents arrived to swing us over to Richmond.

The breakfast was held at the local Senior's Center, put on by the senior volunteers. Breakfast consisted of gritty eggs (or what seemed like eggs), a sausage patty and a couple of pancakes. A silver-haired man and a stern looking woman performed Christmas tunes and then, 15 minutes before the breakfast was suppose to be over, Santa arrived. We left soon after that and headed over to my Aunt's for a visit. After a while Mom's psoriasis spots were getting itchy and I was nodding off, so we packed up and left for home. Long day done.

All in all it was a fabulous time. I've already started putting the word out for an afternoon cheesecake feed for my birthday. I hope B's feeling better soon, I'd really love her to come.

Weirdness erupted Sunday night. One of the guy's I have on my yahoo was talking incoherently. Nothing made sense. We had spoken an hour earlier and I had mentioned that I had a great time in Van the night before. He seemed happy for me, but when we spoke again he kept saying I was in trouble and to call him. I already had his number, he's my cousin's husband's cousin, so after much prodding on the messenger I called. It was like pulling teeth to get this guy to answer my questions - 'why am I'm in trouble?' 'In trouble with who?' Etc... He kept saying that the Hells Angels had my name and that they were coming to get me. I asked how they would get my name and how this whole thing started. He said he had been listening and my name came up, that I partied too much while in town and that's how they found me. I was confused, I never considered a paralizer, 2 teas and a pitcher of water to be partying too hard or too much. Next thing I know he says he's trying to get me inducted. Again, why? No straight answer, although he asked, 'well, don't you want that?' Erm... no thanks. Then he switches gears and begins telling me that my cousin's really worried about me, that she thinks I'm going to kill myself because I have an account at suicidegirls. I tried to convince him I have no intentions of going anywhere, but he wouldn't have it. Started saying SG was a cult and that I'm too naive and I'm under their spell. Then came the straw that broke the camel's back - he said he had been in the groups I'm in on SG and had been watching me. Anyone who says they're watching me is cause for concern, to say the least. I closed and locked my window and pulled my blinds. I asked why he had been watching me and he went on a rant about my cousin being worried about me and that he was a private detective and that's why she introduced us in the first place, blah blah blah... He ended up saying he was psychic by the end of the conversation. I just agreed with him enough to get him off the phone. Oy... where do I find these people? And for that matter, why do they love me so much?!

I emailed my cousin about it and she called me back the next day. Offered to tell him to back off for me. I figured he might listen to her more than he did me. Haven't heard from him since. Hopefully I'm safe.

In other, saner news....

I finished Christmas shopping early in the season, but I've yet to wrap any of it. That's the main goal of today, the 24th. That and getting some laundry done. I'm glad it'll be a calm day. I need it.

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