Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Accomplishing Things is Good

I booked my hotel room for Saturday night. I'm super excited about the shin-dig. Sounds like Sean and Missy are sending out little gifties for everyone attending a Holiday SG party. I can't wait +o)

Neither can MrTiger for that matter....
Watching a movie on halloween
Gnawing on my shirt lable
I'm up, he's not
(Yes, I am 25. Why do you ask?)

Dad and I popped over to WalMart, had to drop off some perscriptions for Mom's psoriasis. The doc made an appointment with a specialist for her earlier today, and said the lady would probably recomend some UVB light treatment since it's such a bad case. I feel so bad for her, scritching and scratching. It's everywhere on her. Oy...

Work is good. We've been so on and off the past few months that I'm glad we have some in at the moment. I'm going to be getting some cash in on the 21st and have plans to buy a few more Christmas gifties, and food stuffs for making hoilday treats. Yum. Mom and I are going to make Stainglass Cookies this year. The picture I saw of them was gorgeous. I hope they turn out as pretty.

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