Friday, November 21, 2003


It's super cold in my room tonight. I have to remember to get the little space heater from down stairs, since it's not being used anymore in the shop. Dad set us up with an industrial heater. YaY us +o)

So, Dec. 13th will be another SG event. I'm not sure if I'll be able to go, though, seeing as there's a family get-together scheduled for the next day. We'll see, though. If I do go, I'll post pictures of all the fun.

I'm so excited, I received Mom's Royal Doulton vase in the mail today, as well as Dad's Tommy Hilfiger knit sweater. Both look absolutely smashing! They're going to be so happy when they open their gifties on Christmas morning. Now all I have to do is find stocking stuffer gifts for them. I picked up Grandma's gifties on Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?); bath towel, face cloth and squirty-pumpy thing for hand cream or cleanser or whatnot. It all matches her bathroom, so I'm excited to see what she thinks. I have tomorrow (well, now that it's past midnight it'll be today) off, so maybe I'll wrap some of those gifts?

Speaking of Christmassy things, I was at SaveOn the other day and picked up the sweetest old fashioned-looking mug with a frosty motif. Gorgeous! I also picked up some Oregon Chai Cider, which is also gorgeous. Especially in my gorgeous mug ,o)

I've been bidding on ebay a lot lately. Scoring some great Paul Frank shirts. Cheap, too. I also picked up 5 John Mayer magnets that I've put on my desk's metal leg. Whee... ebay is fun.

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