Saturday, August 30, 2003

Mtv MVA 2003 and such

Did anyone catch the show? Beyonce looked amazing, Missy Elliot finally won some well-deserved awards, and the look on Timberlake's face when Madonna was smooching Brit was priceless. Lots of fun. I'm glad I watched it. I was bummed, though, that Johnny Cash didn't get an award, I thought he deserved it.

I had just bought Lord of the Rings: Two Towers and had plans to have a shower and then snuggle in to watch it, but when I found out the awards were coming on, I had to watch them. So, my folks and I sat down to watch the Two Towers last night. AMAZING! I'm seriously jonesin' for some Viggo - that man hurts so good!! ,o) I can't wait for the third. Only 2 months or so to go...

So, I'm thinking of trying Soy milk. A little jug, just in case. I've heard a lot about which brand tastes best, and which is the yuckiest, etc... hopefully they're right. Soy is suppose to be super good for you, so I wouldn't mind getting some into my system. *shrug* We'll see what unfolds.

I was surfing last night and found a place called which tracks your weightloss progress, stats, caloric intake, etc... Really amazing site, but it costs $5/month and I'm not willing to pay for it. Anyone know of another site like that, but one that's free?

I forget if I've mentioned this or not, but I'm thinking of getting my eyebrows tattooed on. Well, more like 'filled in'. My brows are so thin, if I don't draw them on you can barely see them. I have to find out if the tattoo color will match, though. I'd only do it if it matched my brow color.

I found the cutest picture of Tinkie. I'll scan it tonight and put it in the zoo section of images +o)

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