Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Ho Hum

So, I ordered my "Doughnut Express" kit. Should be here within 4-8 weeks *shrug* you know the post office... Should be fun, though. I'm going to make cream filled dough-doughs first. I haven't decided what I'm going to stuff 'em with, but I'm going to put green food coloring in the filling - I'm testing for my Halloween batch! I even have ghost shaped sprinkles. YaY! Er, or should I say... "Grrr.... arrrg!" ,o)

I've been having a problem keeping my hair in my scalp lately. Actually, the last few years. Even when my hair's short it seems to like 'abandoning ship' for want of a better phrase. It's not like I'm losing heaps and clumps, but it's more noticable than the usual 100 hairs. One girl said to take sea kelp suplements. I'll give anything a shot at the moment. I hate stray hairs. Especially in the bathroom. Both my Mom and I can't stand to see lost locks there, makes us gag. Any other suggestions on creating healthier, stronger hair/scalp?

Uhoh... I feel a sore throat. Better take a couple asprin before anything gets fired up. I have too much visiting and fun-having to have.... +o)

K/B - what's the plans cuties? We going to be wild gals on the town or have a quiet night at a restaurant eating side orders and drinking bellinis? (I heard of a drink called a redheaded slut! I gotta have it! *snicker*)

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