Saturday, July 18, 2009


I had the most amazing day yesterday. Actually, it started the day before when I received a call from a Real Estate office in response to me sending in my resume and cover letter for a job they had posted on Craigstlist. The hiring manager asked me if I could come in Friday at 11am. Of course I can! I spent that night running around looking for work clothes that fit right and figuring out the bus schedules from here to there. Previous to the interview invite I was actually wondering about my resume. Wondering if I should have it re-written since I hadn't had a call-back in the 7 months I've had it.

Friday morning came and I got ready and rushed out the door. Realized that when I lost some weight a while back I had also lost some weight on my feet. I normally wear a size 6-wide since my feet tend to look like little marshmallows in regular width heels. Half way to the bus stop I was getting annoyed at how they were flopping around and started feeling the beginning of blisters on the backs of my heels and on the balls of my feet. I'd have turned around, went back and changed my shoes, but I didn't want to miss the bus. I was glad to sit down when the bus did eventually arrive. My "dogs" were already barking.

Got to the realty office with 20 minutes to spare and was speaking to the hiring manager moments after arriving. She remembered me from my time as an assistant to a couple of the Realtors in the office and mentioned that it was good that I'd been here before because I already knew how busy it can be and what kind of people are there. I agreed, I know I enjoy the people there and the job is not difficult for me. After the interview the hiring manager mentioned that she'd give me a call somewhere around the middle of next week. Cross your fingers for me!

After that I had to pop in to Shoppers Drug Mart so I hobbled across the street to the mall and entered via the Sears doors. I had no idea they were having such a huge sale! 60-70% off, and if you charged your purchases to your Sears card they'd give you an additional 50% off of the lowest ticketed price! Bras were buy one get the second for $3. It really felt like an omen - get your wardrobe set up so you can look good at your future job. So, I checked it all out.

I found a couple of t-shirt material tops. One is red and white striped with a large open neck which would look great with a dark pair of pants, jeans (very nautical!), or khakis which (originally $30, discounted to $9); the other was an aqua, 3/4 sleeve boat-neck number which also would go good dressed up (can't wait to wear it with my charcoal pants and my thick gold necklace!) or with trouser-styled jeans (originally $20, discounted to $5). Going to have to go to Superstore to find some Joe Fresh jeans to match with them. I also picked up the aforementioned charcoal dress pants (originally $69, discounted to $17.50), and a beautiful round-neck, navy blue knit sweater (originally $50, discounted to $7.50). I picked up two light-weight jackets: one is a black with 3/4 sleeve - I can't wait to wear it with long leather gloves (originally $70, discounted to $10)! The other is a tan/beige/khaki with sleeves that roll up and are secured by button (not on sale). Lastly, I picked up a new pair of Aerosole shoes, mule-style (heel-less) with an elastic strap over the main part of the foot so it doesn't flip-flop around (originally $70, discounted to $17.50). Whew... lots of trying on! I was wiped out after that, but it was definitely worth it. I'm actually considering going back to take advantage of their bra sale - buy one, get the second for $3. Can't beat that deal, the bras end up averaging $20 a piece!

I had to have a good, long rest in one of the overstuffed chairs in the halls and re-hydrate after that. I switched my shoes to the new ones I had bought so there wouldn't be anything rubbing on the blisters on the backs of my heels.

On the ride home I people-watched and saw a gal with great hair get off the bus at my stop. I wonder who she is and if she'd like a shop-a-holic new friend? hehe ,oP I hobbled the rest of the way home in 30oC heat and stripped down to my skivvies when I got inside the house. Immediately turned on the air-conditioning and sat in front of it. At dusk I had a diet dr. pepper on the deck and enjoyed the breezes.

Ahh... aside from the blisters it was a wonderful day. =D

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