Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Never Satisfied

I often wonder why I'm never satisfied. I never seem to have the stuff I really want. Take for example, this morning I received an email from Juicy Couture announcing the release of a few new items to their website. I fell madly in love and decided I needed the Desi Canvas shoes, the Guitar Wish necklace, and the Shooting Star necklace.

I wonder if this will ease once I get rid of all these boxes of things I don't want anymore? I ask because I recently bought a Coach handbag, and now I don't want every handbag under the sun. I'm satisfied in that department. It's an odd feeling. I've always want, want, wanted and now I don't (at least in respect to handbags). I really must get rid of all this extra baggage/stuff and find out just how much inner calm and happiness I can achieve.

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