Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Have a Kitty!

Before the great news, check out "Need for Speed" - it's hilarious!

Lap Love

Okay, on to the happy news... My family and I found this little cutie at the Chilliwack SPCA at the end of December. We would've taken him right then and there, but he was only 7 weeks old - not old enough to leave the shelter. After a number of things happening (Christmas, a kitty room lock-down, etc) we finally were able to bring him home on January 4th of this year. Because there was a case of distemper in the kitty room the lady suggested fostering him before we adopt. At that point we would do anything to get him home so we agreed, filled out the paperwork, and brought him home.

I named him Peanut, but I should've called him Polly for the amount of time he spends on my shoulder. He's such a loving cat - always has a kiss and a lick and a rub for everyone. He loves being close; any time he gets sleepy he always wants to nap on your chest right up at your neck. I'm so in love +o)

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