Saturday, January 7, 2006


Toothpaste does have several uses! Take your fingernails, for example. They are close in composition to your teeth, so toothpaste does a great job of getting them sparkling white, too. Just put some toothpaste on an old manual toothbrush, wet your nails, and scrub on top and under your nails. Use white toothpaste to clean your running shoes, or to fill small nail holes. It dries hard like Spackle. Toothpaste (any type) is also the best whiteboard cleaner around. It gets rid of all the markings and the telltale "ghosts" as well. Just apply a small amount with a damp cloth, scrub, rinse well and buff dry. One caution: Never clean your jewelry or fine silver with toothpaste, a commonly held use for toothpaste. First, it is slightly abrasive, but even more damaging is the effect when even the smallest amount gets left behind in cracks or crevices. It will require the equivalent of a jackhammer for a jeweler to remove because it dries hard. Remember those nail holes.
(Taken from the Everyday Cheapskate newsletter)

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