Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mew Shop Opening Soon! Really.

I did it! I'm going to reopen the mew shop very soon. This time I'm actually going to do it. I know that the previous post stated the same thing (and that was in the summer!), but I am finally getting down to brass tacks. I've got a design set on the way, not to mention items for the shop.

The first few items will be jewelry, mostly metal with beads bracelets. They're all going to be selling for $9.99 and shipping will probably be $2.00 or under. These are great gifts for Christmas so I will be posting them asap! I'm also cleaning out my jewelry box and will be offering some necklaces and rings as well. After that I have plans to make knitting and crochetting needle keepers, scarf hoops that can be hidden inside your jacket (never lose your mits or scarves again!), as well as other crafty goodness.

Keep checking back for more updates!

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