Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Things haven't been going well for my cousin since he moved into his new appartment. Not even two weeks there and his girlfriend leaves him. Not -for- another man, oh no, she was already dating this guy before she ended things with my cousin! What a childish woman she is for pulling this high-school crap.

In other news, my Mom joined the local rec center's "water wellness" class to help get her muscle tone back. I'm wanting to take a couple of fitness classes there, too. One of the classes starts at 9:15am which might be difficult for me since I'm more of a night owl/later morning kind of gal. I could take these classes at 7pm, but I find by that time I'm ready for my tv shows and some couch time. I did notice that their "loonie swim" (swim for a dollar) happens every weekday from 3-4:30pm so I might get myself into the habit of going then and when I'm feeling like taking more fitness on adding classes at that time. I just have to find a bathing suit first. Ebay here I come!

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