Monday, October 24, 2005

My Cousin, Merle

Thursday past my cousin got into an industrial accident while at work. Basically, the arm of his jacket got caught on the conveyor belt which pulled him in and towards a machine that flattens whatever goes into it. We received a call at about 9am from his work saying they've put him in an ambulance and we should meet them at the hospital. We spent most of the day there making sure he'll be alright and waiting for tests and xrays, etc... to come back. We found out he cracked his skull near his brainstem which was causing his ears to bleed, and that he had a bruised lung. Other than that and a bunch of scrapes and scratches he's okay. BIG sigh of relief. Now he's just taking it easy and making sure he doesn't bang his head around so the crack in his noggin can heal up.

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