Friday, August 5, 2005

Preparing Like Mad

For a while there I was ready to call in sick to Blogathon on Saturday. I had no sponsorships and was begining to wonder if I would by the time the event ends on Sunday morning. I posted about this on the Blogathon forum for participants - 2 people offered to sponsor me for $2.50 and another lovely person sponsored me for $5! What fantastic people! Oh the generosity...

Speaking of Blogathon, the webring code was uploaded today so I grabbed mine and threw it up here. Now I'm wondering if I should switch my url to something more blogathon-specific? You know me and my love of organization... sheesh.

What I should do during the 'thon is finish cleaning out all my knick knacks and such. Hmm... you know, if I had cleaned out all my trinkets already I could've done my own 'redecorate in 24 hours' show! ,o) I'm definitely tempted.

So what should I do to keep myself awake for 24 hours straight?

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