Friday, July 15, 2005

A Sprinkle of Everything

All I can think about are all the plans I'm making. To be honest there's not enough money in the world to complete all these projects, but it makes me happy to think about them.

I watched queer eye for the straight guy last night and found out how easy it is to make truffles. Heat up some cream, add whatever flavor you'd like (or don't), when it's all perfectly heated pour the concoction over chocolate chips/discs, stir until it's all together, chill for an hour, -BAM- you're ready to roll it into bite size balls and munch them. I absolutely love that show, I always learn something amazing when I watch it +o)

Remember the family I was talking about a couple posts ago? The father called Community Services and asked if there was any programs for child care available. With him working during the day and the mom not being there any more to look after the kids during that time he was between a rock and a hard place. I wasn't there to talk to him about it, but I did hear something about them saying that they could help him only if his landlord gives him an eviction notice. I don't understand why that would be a condition, but we'll see how things progress. He was over this evening to ask mom if she wanted to be the kids' babysitter. I know she doesn't want to do that for an indefinate amount of time, but she said she'd talk it over with the family. We don't mind helping out when he's in a fix, but we don't want to do it as a regular thing.

In the quest for tshirt research I signed up for a wholesalers catalogue from American Apparel today. I would've signed up for an account to check out the wholesale prices at Gaults, but they require industry references and I don't have any. No biggie, American Apparel has everything I want anyway. I just hope they have better wholesale prices than retail prices. I have a few cool tshirt designs coming together so far. At the moment I'm working on the tech-rific designs which will include html tags, and maybe some binary stuff, too. I want to watch some of the tshirt shops on ebay with powerseller status to see what they're selling, what's popular, etc... Off topic slightly, I'd really love this caffeine molecule tshirt +o)

I'm going to hit the sheets. I've got a great book I can't put down: Going Down Swinging by Billie Livingston. Check it out and tell me what you think!


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